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The Kitchen Spectrum Collective is a group of individuals that share more than common interest, strive to exemplify excellence through our dedication to integrity, quality, work ethic, character, diversity, and skill set through a kaleidoscope of techniques and flavors in every dish on every plate.


The Kitchen Spectrum Collective will be a platform for chefs, pastry chefs, web designers, food photographers, mixologists, and other industry service providers to showcase their crafts, to network, brainstorm ideas, sharpen their skills, brand building, competitions and teams, virtual contest, and more. This space is geared toward the individual that needs a stepping stone, or support, with any facet of the culinary industry. This space will also help those get skillful techniques, up their creativity, and break the box when it comes to competition. We also seek to encourage the individuals that may need that extra push to greatness.


Some of the items in the collective we are excited to share are our own virtual competitions, to help our chefs think outside the box and hone in on their skills, a Collective Podcast, in which we will host different chefs or individuals from the industry, Competition Details, which will help those wanting to compete more often, Merchandise, to help our chefs who have their own products they would like sell, and a Collective Feature page in which different chefs will be posted with bio info, restaurant info, products, and much more.


One thing I know after being in business for 5 years and competing for 4 years is that the burn out is REAL. You get bored, have no one to bounce ideas off of, or no one to challenge you. The Kitchen Spectrum Collective will be there to keep you focused and keep you from getting to that point. 


     - Chef Kisha -


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